ABOUT: Emmaus and Chrysalis weekends are once in a lifetime experiences open to Christians who want to grow in their spiritual walk with Christ.  The mission of these programs is to empower leaders to be the hands and feet of Christ within local churches and reaching out into the world.

The Walk to Emmaus is open to all Christian adults who desire a deeper relationship with Christ and wish to serve Him more effectively in the church and community.  Likewise, Chrysalis is open to all teens and young adults ages 15 through 24.

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Chrysalis is a three-day spiritual renewal retreat for youth based on the Walk to Emmaus. The idea or picture surrounding Chrysalis is that of a catepillar, which then enters a "chrysalis" or cocoon stage and finally emerges as a butterfly. This is a parallel to II Corinthians 5:17 which speaks of becoming a new creation in Christ. The weekend or "Flight" begins on a Thursday evening and continues until Sunday evening.

During a Chrysalis Flight a young person has an opportunity to learn more about faith in Christ and how to grow deeper in that faith through fellowship, singing, discussion, recreation and prayer. They will experience the love of God for them in action throughout the weekend. And just as the catepillar must "die" to itself and then be transformed into the butterfly, so too will the young person experience a similar transformation in their commitment and walk with Christ.




Upcoming Chrysalis Flights
Flight Date Nbr Caterpillars
Eastland Flights    
77 - (Girls) 7/21/2017 Cancelled
78 - (Boys) 7/21/2017 Cancelled
Latham Springs Flights    
79 - (Girls) 12/27/2017 0*
80 - (Boys) 12/27/2017 0*

* has not made minimum


Upcoming Men's Walks 
Walk Date Nbr Pilgrims
426 9/7/2017 20
428 10/19/2017 7*

* has not made minimum


Upcoming Women's Walks 
Walk Date Nbr Pilgrims
427 10/12/2017 25

* has not made minimum


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